About DesignBigger

DesignBigger develops online marketing plans that include content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, and integrated lead tracking.

We’re located in Houston, Texas, but we like other places, too. We believe in delivering value to our clients; not pushing useless traffic or chasing rankings on keywords that won’t turn into quality conversions. We spare no time or expense on making sure that we stay educated and updated on the latest search marketing developments.

We’re proud to partner with other great companies like Aleberry Creative, The Black Sheep Agency, and Marketing Refresh to help us get things done.

Christopher Smith

 Christopher Smith headshotChris officially founded DesignBigger in 2009 after holding both in-house and agency search marketing positions for several years. Since starting the company, he spends a lot of time in research and setting up strategy for search marketing clients. In addition to strategy, Chris handles technical WordPress issues and paid search campaign consulting.

Online, you can find Chris on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. You can reach him at chris@designbigger.com.