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Adding Wistia as an oEmbed Provider in WordPress 4.0

With today’s WordPress 4.0 sendout, embedding content from other sites just got way easier. While there is a pretty large list of 0Embed providers, a very important one for us SEOs was left out: Wistia. Don’t worry, though. There is a way to make Wistia videos work the same was with a simple paste of […]

Divide and Conquer: Why You Shouldn’t Do It All

If you’re lazy, here’s the short answer: Because you can’t. Because you shouldn’t. Because you’ll do a pretty bad job at it. I came from a background of having to do it all. I started my online marketing career with a company who, other than me, had a population of 1. I was responsible for […]

Google Rewrites Page Titles To Push Brand Over Keywords

The Google+ expert, Mark Traphagen tweeted a link to an article that talked about how Google seemed to be testing yet another method of rewriting the page title, or that somehow, colons in the title could be a new ranking factor. Other Twitter people reported seeing it as early as Friday. Read More >

90% of Webmaster Tools Alerts Are Black Hat Related

In the thousands of Google Webmaster Tools alerts and messages that are sent each month, about 90% of those are estimated to be black hat related. Another stat that’s interesting is about 3% are notifications of a hacked site; chances are, you’ve seen pharma spam in the SERP results that lead to a normal-looking page. […]

Analog Keyword Research

When it comes to keyword research, I’m guilty of doing the same old thing; I open up the AdWords Keyword Tool and start pecking away, hoping to take a few general head keywords and turn it into something workable. I’m pretty sure every other SEO on the planet starts out keyword research pretty similarly, if not the exact same way.

Most of our customers are traditionally paper and pen kind of businesses; the digital landscape is pretty new to them, and subsequently, they may not really have many online assets (service manuals, documentation, whitepapers, etc.). It kind of struck me today that while getting these things online and working in our benefit might be extremely costly, we can still take advantage of them for the initial brainstorming phase (not to mention content fodder down the road). Read More >

Four Ways That Search Marketing Costs May Rise In 2013

In successful SEO campaigns, long-term return on investment tends to be better than in a PPC campaign. It’s almost like renting versus buying; even though you might have spend more upfront, you’re building equity that can be “cashed in” later in the form of organic rankings, citations/backlinks, and search engine results page domination. That being […]

Yahoo Testing Cost Per Lead Search Ads

Since the Bing/Yahoo merger, Yahoo’s ad system has been in a serious state of turbulance. While it’s never been on par with AdWords, there was some value to be had in certain verticals. In what we’d call a bold move, Marissa Mayer and company have launched Cost Per Lead ads, in a bid to earn some income in advertising apart from the Microsoft deal on normal PPC ads. Read More >

3 Ways To SEO Someone Else’s Site (And Benefit From It)

All the time, we’re told that all of our efforts should push traffic only to our site. We should be building links to try to raise domain authority, take advantage of referral traffic, and building up rankings for our site. While we can’t abandon those ideas altogether, sometimes there are moments where stepping outside of that thought pattern can really help us in the long run. Read More >

#IMRevo: The Industrial Marketing Revolution Seminar

If you run a business in the industrial sector, you need to have an inbound marketing campaign in place.

Whether or not your direct competition is already doing internet marketing, there’s a good chance that you’re not being heard above the noise. When a potential customer is looking for the particular service that you provide, is your value and quality proposition being communicated clearly and in a manner that’s attractive to potential business partners? Read More >