#IMRevo: The Industrial Marketing Revolution Seminar

If you run a business in the industrial sector, you need to have an inbound marketing campaign in place.

Whether or not your direct competition is already doing internet marketing, there’s a good chance that you’re not being heard above the noise. When a potential customer is looking for the particular service that you provide, is your value and quality proposition being communicated clearly and in a manner that’s attractive to potential business partners?

The environment’s changing. why aren’t you?

Pretty much every industrial prospect we’ve ever talked to has said something along the lines of “(some particular outbound marketing tactic) has been what we’ve always done, and we’ve had plenty of business in the past. We’ve never had to worry about anything on the internet.”

…until now. Your competition has already caught on and are doing online marketing. Perhaps they’re doing it pretty poorly, or have it outsourced to an overseas team that doesn’t understand the business environment, but they’re doing it. They know that their employees seem to get younger and younger every time they hire, so it makes sense that the competition’s workforce is getting younger, too. They’re attempting things like SEO, PPC, and Social media, but the learning curve is killing their time and budget. But, the thing is, they’re trying, and while they’re not great at it, they’re starting to get a little traction.

So, what can we do?

First off, evaluate your current marketing plan. What can be tracked? Are you sure that you’re actually getting calls from that magazine ad, or was it because of the whitepaper you submitted that happened to be in the same issue? Is spending hundreds a month on a billboard really a wise investment if the majority of your business is not local? Take stock of everything you’re doing; the costs, what can be tracked, and how many prospects have closed deals. It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to lose track.

But, what if you don’t have a marketing plan? Don’t worry; you’re not the first company to play it by ear. The first thing to do is get one. Planning your marketing expenses should be just as important (if not more important) than planning your operating budget; after all, marketing helps to drive in new business. If you’re having a hard time with planning a marketing budget, we can help with that. Just drop us a line. Whatever you do, be sure to make room for your online marketing campaign.

I’ve got a budget. Now what?

Realizing you need an inbound marketing campaign, and having the budget for it are the first steps. Learning how and why it works is paramount to getting the most out of your marketing dollar. You’ll want to know how you can get your co-workers and upper management involved, what you can do to make inbound marketing work seamlessly with what you’re already doing.

Your next move should be to attend IMRevo – the Industrial Marketing Revolution Seminar in Houston, January 31, 2013. Our industrial marketing partner, Marketects is sponsoring the event (they work ONLY work with industrial companies). DesignBigger will be on a panel of inbound marketing experts presenting on topics that directly apply to industrial and commercial marketing campaigns. You’ll walk away understanding how the various components of Inbound Marketing work together; why it’s so important that you NOT ignore it; how to justify an Inbound Marketing program to your C-Suite; real world results in the industrial realm; and excited and ready to integrate Inbound Marketing into your company’s marketing plans.

Stop following the trend. Start your own revolution.

Be in the vanguard of the movement.  Use this window of opportunity to lead, rather than trying to catch up one day as you realize that all of your competitors gained the advantage over YOU.  The change can start by attending IMRevo in Houston, the morning of 1/31/13.  If you want to see radical change in your marketing results, join the Industrial MARKETING Revolution!

Click hear to learn more about the #IMRevo Industrial Marketing Seminar.


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