Internet Marketing Case Study: Houston Dynamic Service

For over 35 years, Houston Dynamic Service, Inc. has provided high quality, innovative rotating equipment repairs to the refining, power gen, offshore drilling, and other process industries.  The company is considered to be one of the leading non-OEM, critical rotating equipment repair facilities in the country, with some of the most experienced minds in the field. Specializing in centrifugal pumps, turbines, compressors, blowers, centrifuges, fans, couplings, and high speed gear units, HDS is a committed partner in achieving every customer’s goal: keeping their critical rotating equipment in continual operation at peak performance.

After a long period of flat-lining sales, HDS contacted a marketing partner to discuss a new industrial marketing strategy. Our partner spent time with the company’s management team to determine what HDS could offer their customers as a unique value proposition, revenue goals for the next few years, and what marketing channels that they felt could reach their core customer base.

Upon the conclusion of the new website development and other supporting marketing materials, DesignBigger was brought in to help execute a search engine marketing strategy to generate leads through organic search and social media.

Content Marketing

Developing a blog to post new content to the site was a primary objective. Seeing that almost no other industrial companies choose to generate content on a regular basis, we felt this would give a huge advantage over the other competitors in the marketplace. With a person inside the company capable of photographing and documenting interesting projects as they are being completed, the timeline for generating new content is significantly faster than in most industrial companies.


Because of the lack of attention previously paid to online marketing, we decided that enacting a linkbuilding plan to cover both localized resources and industrial/commercial-focused resources would be important to help build up the site’s authority. Doing so increased the referral traffic by 83% (mainly from highly-focused industrial resources).

Onsite SEO Optimization

Onsite optimization is a necessity during an SEO campaign. Previous to any on-page changes, only 2 keywords showed an HDS result on the first page. After fixing a few technical issues and optimizing for the important target keywords, 26 keywords showed an HDS result on the first page (10 of which were in the top three positions).

Tracking & Analytics

The most important part of any marketing campaign is being able to track and increase conversions. The primary goal for this campaign was to increase phone calls for repair projects. During the baseline period, we determined (through call tracking analytics) that a total of 43 phone calls came in, and 33 of those came via a search engine. After the campaign was underway and recurring tasks were being performed, the most recent period recorded a total of 93 calls, 62 of which originated from organic search sources (118% and 88% increases, respectively). Among these calls were numerous qualified leads, one of which closed for a contract worth over six figures.

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