Web Design And SEO Case Study: AllParts.com

AllParts is the world’s leading supplier of guitar, bass guitar, and amplifier parts. The company was started in 1982 as a small, hobby-based endeavor and now has many thousands of customers worldwide in the form retailers, resellers, repair shops, and end-users. With distributors on six continents and a sales schedule that provides industry-leading retailers like Guitar Center, Sam Ash, and Musician’s Friend with a steady stream of inventory, AllParts has associated their name with quality, excellent service, and substantial authority on the products they deal in. A simple Google search for “guitar parts” or “bass parts” is all it takes to find this industry leader, but it wasn’t always this way.

In 2008, AllParts found itself on the difficult side of a rapidly changing market. Having built itself into a dominant force throughout the days of catalog-based mail orders in the 80’s, and established an internet presence in the 90’s, AllParts had begun to struggle in the new online world of search engine marketing and social media. When AllParts started being outranked and out-recognized by their own customers, we were contracted to give the company a complete e-commerce, search engine optimization, and web design overhaul.

Site Redesign

As the central location for online orders, the target of backlinks, the search engine landing area, and a launchpad to social networking services, AllParts’ company website had to be the point of focus. By replacing the legacy shopping cart software with a new e-commerce store, and implementing a targeted onsite SEO strategy and social networking integration, the following was achieved:

  • Increased organic traffic by 53% in the initial 6 month period.
  • Increased and solidified position for most important keyword “guitar parts” with a 17% increase in organic visits.
  • Increased average order value to $108.41 from less than $50 through increased consumer confidence with site, ease of navigation to related products.

Improved Analytics

Between the comparison periods, AllParts experienced a 24.93% increase in site visits, a 3.81% increase in visitor time on the site, and a 23.03% decrease in page visits. This means that the site attracted more people who stayed longer and, because the content was more targeted and accessible, they were able to find what they wanted with fewer clicks.

Authority Through Search Engine Optimization

Imagine searching Google for “soft drinks” or “Coca-Cola” and, instead of finding Coca-Cola’s website listed at or neat the top, you found results for restaurants that sell Coca-Cola. This discouraging analogy was a real fact of life for AllParts – not only did their name return their dealers’ sites, but also their most valuable keywords like “guitar parts.” With our attentive, thorough, and safe SEO strategies, AllParts quickly rose to and stayed at the top of the search engine results pages where they belonged.

Customer Outreach And Involvement

A WordPress blog, along with Twitter and Facebook pages were rolled out in connection with a number of other social sharing tools for product announcements, industry news, commentary, and customer feedback. Combined with creative marketing strategies, these tools have brought AllParts some of their highest traffic and sales days on record, with substantially higher sales with each successive month, and allowed them to communicate with their customer base about a product they’re excited about.

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