Search Engine Marketing

Effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) doesn’t drive traffic, or even rankings; it drives conversions and brand recognition. In a perfect world, there would be a “tipping point” where queries about your type of product would be replaced with queries about your brand itself. In our time in the industry, we’ve discovered three areas where companies (just like yours) need the most help in their inbound marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

Almost anyone can build a website these days. There are tons of free website builders, and plenty of low-cost solutions to help a business get online. However, simply having a site online is far from enough. If you’re relying on your web presence to help bring you business, you’re facing stiff competition; 72% of businesses have used and found positive value in target SEO campaigns.

It’s been said that Google, Yahoo, and Bing each make around 250 to 300 changes to their search algorithm per year. While it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin, we spend a lot of time and effort to keep our client’s sites search engine friendly. Whether it’s technical SEO and on-site optimization, or making sure the right off-site activities are happening, we’ve got the know-how and experience to keep you in the good graces of the search engines.

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Online Marketing Outreach

In the dark ages before Facebook, Twitter, and email, companies would send out press releases when they wanted to let someone know about a new product or service. We’ve heard this still happens, though, we’re not sure why. It’s an easy (but fatal) mistake to assume that your customers aren’t using online outlets to find what you’re selling.

Nearly 90% of working-age US adults are regular users of the internet. No matter what your business, people will search for your product or service online. It’s already hard enough to find the time to run your business the way you’d like. Spending even more time on social media, email newsletters, and blogging (not to mention simply learning how they all work) just isn’t an option for most businesses.

We understand what users need and want to hear, and can help you craft your messaging and content to your preferred customerbase. We’ll also help drive user interaction and conversion through outlets like social media, email contact, and content marketing.Ultimately, we’re helping to build up your brand’s public image to be the leader in your industry.

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Paid Marketing Campaigns

Sometimes, being where your customers are requires a monetary investment in the form of paid advertisement. Through careful research and conversion tracking, we’ll help you decide if your marketing dollars are being invested wisely, or simply wasted on a poor ad buying plan. While 82% of clicks occur in the organic results area of search engines, with proper planning, it can be very profitable to pick up conversions in the pay-per-click ad space on search engines.

DesignBigger can also help you increase client interaction across multiple platforms through ad retargeting. If a customer briefly visits your site, we can easily help your business reappear on social media platforms and other relevant websites to persuade the customer to return and complete the conversion. If you have a particularly lengthy conversion path, an automatic email can be dispatched to remind the user they should complete their previous actions on your site. With conversion rates averaging 10% or better, it only makes sense to pursue retargeting to improve your return on investment.

Don’t lose out on a sale waiting to happen; let DesignBigger assist you in planning your paid search marketing efforts.