Content Marketing

Content marketing can take a variety of different forms, but the focus is the the same: generate brand awareness and drive traffic to your site. While search optimization and website design are important, without useful content, you won’t get very far.

According to GFK North America, getting company information through articles and other non-advertisement methods is preferred by over 80% of the decision makers. Users these days are extremely adept to avoiding ads (even going as far as installing ad blocking software). By providing useful and engaging content to potential customers, you can take advantage of the network effect when those users share your content with their followers.

Many companies are struggling to build a content marketing plan that gives them time to still run their business. While it’s important to have an editorial plan and produce new content on a regular basis, we find many of our clients have media, research, and other information that can be repurposed for our online marketing campaign to get an immediate start. We can take your existing content to begin building your audience while working closely with you to brainstorm new ideas for informing and educating your potential customer base about your brand.

While producing engaging content is important, promoting your content is even more important. By using social media to help build your audience, we can have an already engaged audience that’s willing to help promote your content to their own networks. We’ll also look at media outlets and trade publications (both online and offline) to get another source of traffic to your content.

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