Paid Search Marketing

Nothing beats a true pay-for-performance marketing program. With paid search marketing, you’re only charged if a person clicks on your ad. Paid marketing provides an immediate boost to your website’s traffic and is a fabulous addition to your online marketing strategy.

However, simply bidding the highest amount for a keyword doesn’t mean you will rank in the top spot for Sponsored Search listings. There are other factors that Google considers, such as the number of times your ad has been clicked and the overall quality of your website landing pages. PPC isn’t a replacement for a targeted search optimization plan, but helps to reinforce and supplement those types of campaigns.

Our overall strategy is to start with broad terms that will generate some results, then begin to narrow and focus our efforts by continuously adding new keywords, adding negative keywords, refining ad text, conducting ongoing keyword research and refining which pages on your site where traffic is sent. DesignBigger will create your keyword strategy, help you set a budget, determine a keyword bid strategy, write ad copy and optimize on an ongoing basis.

Is running your PPC campaign getting in the way of running your business? Contact us to find out how we can help.