Search Engine Optimization

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization is the practice of on-site and off-site activities that promote a site to potentially rank higher, receive more visitors from, and generally increase visibility in the commonly used search engines. The list of things that could be considered SEO are almost limitless, but, generally speaking, there are a number of best practices that help in gaining search visibility.

It’s impossible to know the “secret formula” that’ll guarantee your site a first place ranking in the search engines. Google’s organic search algorithm (the mysterious master template that determine where sites rank) changes, on average, 200 times per year. Additionally, the Bing/Yahoo algorithm, includes well over 1000 different signals for ranking sites. Based on these two facts alone, we make every effort (and spare no expense) in becoming as educated as humanly possible on the current state of search optimization.

We believe that the key to SEO success hinges on four core competencies:

  • Technical – the codebase and structure of your website, hosting environment, domain name registration, etc.
  • Natural Backlinks & Citations – the number of quality websites that have links back to your website, or mention your business in some form or fashion.
  • On-Page Optimizations – having well-written and fresh content, organized in a logical hierarchy, all focused around the keyword research and what people are searching for.
  • Off-Site Optimization – External content marketing activities that can include business profiles, reviews, guest posting, linkbait creation, infographics, or nearly anything that can promote your brand with a focus back to the website.

While there are plenty of other things that still can be (and will be) done, we will ensure that you have strategies and ongoing tactics to support each of these core areas. We’ll also help to make these activities integrate and coordinate as seamlessly as possible into your current offline marketing activities.

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