WordPress Development

Focus on managing your business, not on managing your website.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to update your website in a timely manner because of an important change to a product or service offering. Although WordPress originally gained its popularity as a blogging platform, it can effectively be used as the basis for any type of website. The types of sites we’ve built to run on WordPress include:

  • Traditional corporate websites
  • E-commerce sites selling products and processing credit card and PayPal payments
  • Solutions for non-profits who need to provide information and collection donations
  • Educational and online learning websites
  • Real estate sites that pull MLS data

DesignBigger uses the WordPress platform for all types of websites because it simplifies the website management process, and offers numerous practical benefits:

WordPress Is User-Friendly

WordPress is an effective content management system (CMS) and empowers you to quickly and easily make updates and add content.  We offer the necessary training and guidance, and are always available to help, but you would have the ability to make them on your own.

WordPress Is Easy To Implement

With over hundreds of pre-built WordPress plugins and widgets available, we can quickly and easily add functionality to your website. Most WordPress plugins/widgets are either free or very low-cost, and provide the most popular website functionality such as social media integration, search engine optimization, lead/contact forms, photo sliders and calendars. Why re-invent the wheel when the functionality you need already exists?

WordPress Is Search Engine Optimized

Out of the gate, the WordPress code base is search-engine friendly because it adheres to web standards. And when combined with a focused online content and online internet marketing strategy, your site will have the best chance to rank well for important traffic-driving keywords.

WordPress Is Scalable, Secure and Open Source

WordPress has the ability to publish thousands of pages, and will still perform at a high level. In fact, the WordPress platform is used by big brands such as CNN and TechCrunch. Being that it’s an open source project, the WordPress platform has spawned a community of developers who are able to work together to provide smarter and better website solutions.

Ultimately, the open source code model benefits customers the most. Bugs can be found and fixed very quickly. And it also means that if a customer is unhappy with one vendor, they can choose another without re-developing their entire website infrastructure. Customers will never be locked into a technology and they will own their website and be able to move it to the place that best suits them.

Bottom line, sites built on WordPress are higher quality, more secure, and more easily integrated with external systems and software than a CMS built in-house or an old-fashioned static web site.

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